Unlocking the power of data at Carglass: a Power BI implementation

About Carglass

Carglass is a Belron brand which is a vehicle glass repair and replacement group operating worldwide across 34 countries. The Belron brands (Carglass, Autoglass, Safelite etc.) are known for their fast service, they are able to repair and replace a customer’s windscreen within 24 hours through branch-based and mobile services.

It all started in 1897 as a family business in Cape Town, South Africa. Today Belron is employing over 27.000 people across the globe. While the headquarters are in Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom, Belron is owned by D’Ieteren, which is a Belgian automobile distribution company.

The Carglass European Distribution Center

The EDC in Bilzen is the world’s largest glass warehouse of its kind!

Thanks to a motivated team of +250 employees, we have an 24/7 availability to serve 929 delivery points.

The EDC is supplying glass and accessories to both customers located in North and Central Europe and to distribution centers in Southern Europe

The EDC also house the Quality Center of Excellence.  Quality is guaranteed at all times by the ‘QCoE’, by sampling and testing of glass and accessories.  And by considering every single customer complaint.

The challenge

The EDC handles more than 6.000 screens on a daily basis.  To assure a timely supply, the EDC holds an average inventory of 420.000 pieces of glass, and bunch of accessories, stored over a surface of 43.000 m².  To maintain this stock level, the EDC receives 75 incoming trucks per day.

A whole pile of business data is generated!

Historically, static reports are created by merging, blending, and massaging different excel files and exports together.  It is a time consuming and ‘error sensitive’ process.

Since a year, EDC’s business support department started with the PowerBI project.  In first instance, the data flow has been assessed.

The analysis of the business processes, and a common data governance paved the way for the Carglass data warehouse colleagues to create consistent and certified datasets, assuring having available the right data for each model.

April 2022: First successes

Together with Lytix consultant Robbe, EDC’s finance controller Anouk successfully launched the budget & forecast dashboard.  The underlying data model transforms incoming sales budget/forecast from multiple customers, resulting in operational supporting outcomes.

Being in continuous interaction with the data warehouse team, business ambassadors and management, EDC’s business controller Johan and his team delivered insights on procurement and quality.  Having Lytix consultant Kenneth on the development of the dashboards.

An ‘Inventory Holding’ dashboard, that supports critical decision making, will be delivered soon.

In parallel, several repetitive excel based reports have been automized in PowerBI.  So that end-users can focus on core business instead of creating figures.

To be able to guarantee and maintain a single version of truth, the data warehouse is the main source for all reporting. Based upon the requirements the data is enriched with other data sources that co-create a data model that is fit for purpose. This to be able to deliver intuitive interactive reports and dashboards.

Supply Chain Transformation

The Belron group is strongly focusing on uniformed applications and processes.  To be prepared on this transformation process, the Carglass EDC is further investing in data driven reporting.

By extending the data warehouse by additional source application data, the EDC’s business support department is aiming to provide insights on operations.

The main goal remains to generate intuitive dashboard to steer our rapidly moving business on.

The Solution

Modern Reporting environment with Microsoft Power BI

Carglass has chosen Microsoft Power BI to modernize their front-end reporting strategy on top of the existing data warehouse. Power BI brings great additional value with modern looking dashboards and easy-to-use user interface.

Technologies used

Microsoft Power BI Service

Microsoft Power BI Desktop

"Carglass has chosen Lytix & Microsoft Power BI to modernize their front-end reporting strategy.Bringing great additional value with modern looking dashboards and easy-to-use user interface."

Johan Van Hentenrijk & Inge Vossen

Business Controller EDC & Business Finance Manager