Welcome Tibo Quinteyn!

A warm welcome to Tibo Quinteyn! Tibo already has some work experience behind him. An ideal force to assist Lytix in the various projects! Good luck Tibo! 🍀

Why did you choose Lytix?

I chose Lytix because I am very interested in working with the Microsoft analytics tools of Power BI and Azure. I already gained some valuable experience of Power BI but want to further specialize in this. Besides that, I am very interested in putting my theoretical knowledge about Microsoft Azure, which I obtained through some Microsoft certificates, into practice. I therefore chose Lytix because they are a center of excellence when it comes to those topics.

Another reason is that Lytix has been growing rapidly in the past several years and is a scale-up. I like to connect with colleagues and have the flexibility to work on multiple project which can at Lytix. I have been following Lytix for quite some time on Linkedin. The articles and webinars they wrote were very interesting and helpful which proves their knowledge.

Lastly I had a really good feeling after the application process and I definitely think Lytix is a place where I can grow both professionally and personally.

What did you do before Lytix?

I studied Business Administration at the KU Leuven with my master in Financial Management. I was introduced to Tableau while doing my bachelor. There, the interest in BI topics started. I got the chance to work as finance intern at a company that produced food, personal care and cleaning products while making a finance report in Power BI. In september 2021 I started working at a consultancy company for 9 months where I was active in several IT audit engagements. I then switched to the largest telecom infrastructure provider in Europe where I made financial and operational dashboards in Power BI.

If you could change for a day with anyone you want, who would it be and why?

I would choose Elon Musk because I love the projects he is working on. I find the way he challenges the traditional automotive industry from changing from petrol engines to electric vehicles very fascinating. A day in his life would not seem boring!