Welcome Romain Neuville!

Hooray welcome to Romain Neuville, another new Lytix team member!
Romain just graduated from the UCLouvain with 2 master degrees: Computer Science & Management Science. A lot of knowledge that he can use in future projects. Happy to have him aboard. Best of luck Romain! 🍀

Why did you choose Lytix?

I was looking for a first job where I can apply my IT knowledge and especially where I would be able to focus on data analytics. I was searching for a place with a friendly environment where I can evolve myself.

But I think that the most important point that made my choice was the feeling through the interviews. The different people I had the chance to meet during those meetings were kind and passionate. Therefore, I knew that Lytix was the right choice.

What did you do before Lytix?

I have just graduated from the UCLouvain. I obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science with specializations in “AI” and “security & networking” in 2021. After that, I decided to complete my background with a second master’s degree in Management Science which is a domain that I always found interesting. It was a great experience where I could discover a different vision than IT.

Describe your perfect holiday?

My ideal holiday is probably not the most original, but I would say that it would be to go abroad with my friends not necessary far from Belgium. It would not take place in a big city but rather in a small town where we can enjoy to rest. There, we will have some fun by doing some sports activities as hiking, running, cycling and so on. The last important point that comes to my mind for my perfect holiday is to enjoy the local foods and drinks of the place we are.