Welcome Maarten Struyf!

Welcome Maarten Struyf! Another great asset for Lytix. Maarten is also our 100th colleague! We are happy to have him in our team. Get to know him via the questions below. Best of luck, Maarten! 🍀

Why did you choose Lytix?

I decided to join Lytix because I really like the company’s mindset. Also the way they handled the application process gave me that extra push. Everyone I spoke to from management to consultants was very honest, polite and fun to be around. So I’m very excited!

What did you do before Lytix?

Before Lytix I studied Applied Computer Science with a specialization of Artificial Intelligence at Thomas More Kempen. I can’t wait to see how I can apply this knowledge in the working field.

If you could switch with someone for one day, who would it be and why?

There are a lot of interesting people to switch lives with for a day. I think I would pick the current Formula One Champion Max Verstappen. I am a big fan of the sports, and I think it would be very cool to drive a F1 car.