Welcome Jonathan Beullens

Time to introduce a new team member of Lytix: Jonathan Beullens. After working as a Supply Chain Engineer for a while, he decided that data is where he wants his focus to be! Read more about him below.

Best of luck Jonathan!

Why did Jonathan choose for Lytix?

I was in search of a consultancy company that is specialized in data and Microsoft technology. I came across a lot of companies but Lytix stood out immediately.

A fast-growing company that has a lot of expertise in Microsoft technology and where I felt at ease. Looking to the future, I’m sure that I can learn a lot from my new colleagues and from the challenging projects that are going around. Besides the hard work there is also room for relaxation, Lytix organizes fun activities and events. In this way we also get the chance to get to know the other consultants better in a fun way.

What did Jonathan do before Lytix?

At school I studied Information Management & Security and Supply Chain Management. Information Management & Security was mostly focused on setting up an end to end BI project which contains: gathering, structuring, analyzing and visualizing data so that the business can get useful insights into their business processes. Supply Chain Management was mostly focused on managing different flows of goods in a product chain, taking into account the different costs and impact on the environment. With the combination of those two studies, I hoped to become an expert in improving Supply Chain processes by analyzing data.

I worked for a while as a Supply Chain Engineer, where I mostly worked on projects to improve all kinds of processes. Sometimes I also made some BI reports to get more insight in a specific problem or process, but this was not as often as I would have liked. Therefore, I decided to follow my interests and to focus completely on the world of data.

Describe your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend depends on my mood some weekends I like to be lazy, watch movies and relax all day long. Other weekends I like to be more active like going out with friends, going to an event or going on a city trip. Now that it’s almost summer a few weekends are already filled with some music festivals and city trips, so let’s say I’m more active during summertime.