Welcome Jonas Scheerders

A warm welcome to Jonas, our newest Lytix team member! 

A chef who exchanged the kitchen for analytics. We are glad to have you on the team.

Get to know Jonas via the questions below 👇🏻

Why did Jonas choose for Lytix?

During our first conversation, it was almost clear to me that I wanted to start here. Personal growth, support, knowledge sharing, respect, and friendship were values I sensed they held in high regard. I could not have imagined a better place to start my career as a consultant. That made me decide to start here

What did Jonas do before Lytix?

I used to be a chef. A passion for me, it still is! It is through this job that I’ve learned certain qualities that shape me into who I am today.
A go-getter, someone for whom perfection doesn’t exist, but one who strives for continuous improvement.

Describe your perfect holiday?

My ideal vacation would be the one that I will want to stay in forever.
One in which I can enjoy everything from great food and drinks to cultures and breathtaking views with the best company.
Just a trip to reminisce about later.