Welcome Joachim Depovere

Why did Joachim choose for Lytix?

Joachim is eager to learn and face new data related challenges which are clearly abundant in Lytix. In addition, the application procedure was very smooth and straightforward which matched perfectly with Joachim’s expectation.

What did Joachim do before Lytix?

5 years ago, Joachim started business engineering at the university of Ghent. After 3 years it became apparent that the data analytics major perfectly balances Joachim’s interests in business and mathematics. He also did a summer job at a company that sells glue, foam and mastic where he made use of SAP in accountancy.

Describe your perfect weekend?

To clear his head, Joachim likes to go running or swimming in the beautiful city of Ghent. In the evening he gets together with friends talking about the week and contemplating life 😊.