Welcome Esli Van Acoleyen

The Lytix-team is growing again! This time we are happy to announce Esli Van Acoleyen!
Get to know him a bit through some quick questions!

Why did Esli choose Lytix?

I chose to work for Lytix because I was looking for an ambitious company where I could learn a lot from experienced colleagues. I was also looking for a company with a flat structure and great colleagues where, in addition to carrying out challenging projects, I could also go for a drink with. During my interview with Lytix, all my check boxes were ticked, which is why I quickly decided to accept the proposal. A choice I have not regretted for a moment.

What did Esli do before Lytix?

Before I started at Lytix, I worked for several years as a Power Platform consultant. It was through this position that I gained my first experience with PowerBI. Since then, I have been driven to expand my knowledge in the data domain.

If you could change for one day with someone, who would it be and why?

If I could change with someone for one day, I would have loved to be in Rafael Nadal’s shoes during his first final at Roland Garros. I would love to know what goes through your mind when you play your best tennis against the top of the world!