Welcome Brent Meersman

Meet Brent, a data-driven Data & Analytics Consultant at Lytix. With experience in Business Intelligence Analysis, he is passionate about providing valuable insights and contributing to a culture of knowledge sharing. We’re delighted to have him on our team. Read more about Brent via the link below! 👇🏻

Why did you choose for Lytix?

I’m analytical and curious by nature. As a Data & Analytics Consultant at Lytix, I can indulge these characteristics and I can broaden my knowledge of the analytical domain thanks to the culture of knowledge sharing and helping each other. The focus on providing value and results in a range of interesting projects made it a no-brainer to choose Lytix.

What did you do before Lytix?

My past experience fits perfectly into Lytix. As a Business Intelligence Analyst, I have worked in several industries and worked with several BI tools. I always saw it as my mission to expand the decision-maker’s perspective by providing summarized data that is promising and relevant.

Who is your rolemodel and why?

It’s very difficult to mention just one person. I’m becoming more active on LinkedIn and I like to surround myself with interesting data-minded people. To give one example: Cassie Kozyrkov is Chief Decision Scientist at Google and writes really interesting blog posts about all things data. And after watching the Netflix documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”, my admiration and respect for Bill Gates has only grown.