Welcome Brammert Termont

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing our newest team member at Lytix, Brammert Termont. Get to know Brammert’s journey, including why he chose Lytix, his previous experiences, and even his intriguing answer to the question of who he’d switch places with for a day. Best of luck Brammert! 🍀

Why did you choose Lytix?

I initially got in touch with Lytix through a sticker I discovered on one of my to-be-colleagues’ laptop. After doing my research, I found out that it is a great place to work with interesting projects, covering a wide range of data-related topics, and a wonderfull team full of highly skilled people. In my opinion, that sounds like the perfect mix…

What did you do before Lytix?

After obtaining a degree in Business Engineering with a specialization in Data Analytics, I worked as a Data Engineer/ Data Scientist at a small AI firm in Ghent. There, I got the ability to flourish my skills in both paths by designing solutions for complex use cases. This is also one of the reasons for my interest in Lytix, since I feel like the projects and team here enable me to flourish even more, both as an engineer and person.

 If you could change with someone for 1 day, who would it be and why?

Tough question. I think that most people would choose some celebrity/ sportsman-or-woman, but I would really like to switch with a great scientist like Brian Cox. I think it would be fascinating to have the ability to understand complex topics that no one can comprehend, but only for one day of course 😅.