Welcome Bianca Le Cluyse

Happy to announce Bianca Le Cluyse, our new HR Manager!
Best of luck! 🍀

We asked Bianca some ‘get to know’ questions. Read them below. 👇🏻

Why did Bianca choose for Lytix?

What attracted me the most is their open and honest approach. Lytix is a dynamic and fast-growing company, that wants to create a nice and fun place for people to work, where people can thrive! On top of that, they have advanced expertise in Data Analytics. They stimulate knowledge sharing and create an open, communicative environment where colleagues can easily engage with each other and take new initiatives.

What did Bianca do before Lytix?

I first started my career as an HR Consultant in the Services industry. I quickly developed a keen interest in the recruitment and selection process of higher educated candidates. At the same time I was studying Organizational Psychology and got interested in Personality testing, Assessments & Talent management. After specializing in Construction, Technology and Pharmaceutical Profiles, I continued my career in the Technology Industry and started working as a Recruitment Specialist for a Data Intelligence Company. This was 6 years ago. Today, I decided to continue my career in the Data Intelligence industry. But this time I am broadening my expertise in HR, taking the role of HR & Recruitment Manager at Lytix.

If you could choose a role model, who would it be and why?

Hard to choose 1, because I think so many people can be a role model in a certain way and teach us each a different valuable lesson.

But if I have to choose I would say the first one was definitely my father, because I admired his perseverance, positivity, and entrepreneurial spirit in life. The second person that comes to my mind, by coincidence also an Indian guy like my father was 😄, but who is way way popular, would be the award-winning storyteller, podcaster and former monk, Jay Shetty. I admire his amazing storytelling skills, his entrepreneurial mindset and his general mindset in life.