Welcome Ben De Keyser!

We are proud to introduce Ben De Keyser to you all! Ben graduated at the Thomas More school and took the opportunity to study abroad where he learned many things. Definitely an asset for our company! Welcome Ben and good luck to you! 🍀

Read more about Ben below!

Why did you choose Lytix?

I chose Lytix because it seemed to me to be a very young and fast-growing company. I was looking for a company where I could quickly expand my skills and learn more about all subjects related to data. After my first online interview, I was instantly convinced and I knew that this was the place where I wanted to start my professional career.

What did you do before Lytix?

I’ve recently obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science after 3 years of study at the Thomas More Hogeschool. During this study, I also took the opportunity to study abroad.  I have studied at the Berner Fachhochschule In Bern, Switzerland. This was a very nice and instructive experience where I learned a lot on both educational and social level.

Describe your perfect weekend?

I would sum up my perfect weekend with the words sport and party. Friday night, I usually go to a good party with some friends to have a good time. Saturday, I rest and recharge myself to play a football game in the evening and on Sunday, I watch a lot of sports. Usually, I watch bicycle racing in the afternoon and I try to catch a Belgian league football match in the evening.