Interview Tibo Vandermeersch

Tibo Vandermeersch has been working at Lytix for almost one year. That’s why we asked him some questions about his experience.

How would you position the typical Lytix atmosphere?

The atmosphere is great! It’s something that I immediately noticed at my first job interview at Lytix. That also made me all the more interested in working there.

It’s important to do a job that you have fun doing but having colleagues you can regard as friends makes your job even better. Are you working together with someone and both like the gym? Go to the gym together on your way home after work. At Lytix, fun is held in high regard. That’s why Lytix’s internal events (like status updates) aren’t so formal.

Lytix is a very welcoming and accepting company as well and I immediately felt at home. You shouldn’t worry about having a tattoo as long as you’re professional about it. It puts your mind to rest a little ‘bit, knowing that you can be yourself within a reasonable set of expectations.
Lastly, you get the chance to try out and develop yourself. With the Lytix Academy, the starters receive training in multiple subjects related to their upcoming career. Next to that, you can also propose a training that you would like to follow. There are also knowledge sharing sessions from time to time with nice-to-knows or potential new opportunities for example.

Overall, Lytix has a very amicable and welcoming atmosphere in and outside of the office. I love being around my colleagues and learning from them when I get the chance.

What are your specialties?

At the moment I am very busy with Power BI and Power Apps. Learning more and more with each customer I have. Power BI is a great reporting tool and keeps improving with every month. I want to improve even more at it.  
A second speciality is Power Apps. I think it’s a very handy tool for an organization to complete their business processes. Power Apps can be used by any employee as long as you are a little bit savvy with IT. Depending on how advanced your knowledge is, you can make more advanced apps. 

Currently I am working on a data science POC for Torfs, where the goal is to recognize characteristics of their products using convolutional neural networks. Furthermore, I recently started at the MIVB, which is a lot of data engineering in the Azure environment.

I am engaging in Microsoft BI in a lot of different ways, which is nice, while also doing some data science. This is the exact reason why I came to this company.

What does an ideal project look like for you?

Two or three consultants working for the customer, with different sets of skill. They learn from each other and have great communication with the customer. A customer that has understanding of the job they give to the consultants helps a lot but communication between the consultants and the customer is key to have an ideal project. So don’t hesitate to let the customer know what you’re doing (even if it seems unnecessary). What is also very important, is that the project is challenging to a certain degree. A job that isn’t challenging, becomes boring and doesn’t give me a sense of accomplishment along the way. 

What’s on top of your bucket list?

A lot but going to Bali some day would be one of them. A couple of years ago I started to love travelling more and Bali is one of the destinations on my list to go to.

Becoming a great consultant. I know I can’t do everything that is required in any situation but being able to work independently and getting the job done by working together with the customer, is something I would want to eventually be able to do.

What do you miss most in corona times?

Walking into the office and talking to people in person and the casual question of “Let’s go for a drink” or “Let’s have a bonfire tonight” that I can ask to my friends. These are the things that I miss the most right now.