Interview Emma Willaert

How would you position the typical Lytix atmosphere? 

The atmosphere at Lytix and Cubis is very welcoming, easy and fun. We like to laugh and make a joke, but also know the time to get serious. 

While working at Lytix, I really experience a sense of encouragement to both learn and teach. Hence the value ‘knowledge sharing’ that is strongly promoted. This is not only the case in organised meetings, like monthly evening sessions or shorter sessions during lunch break, called ‘Bits & Bokes’. This happens also during work, when you have an issue or an assignment you do not feel comfortable or experienced enough about. There is always a colleague who already has this experience and is available for a short meeting and an explanation. Even in times when teleworking is standard, a helping hand is just a video call away. 

What was your nicest experience at Lytix?

I started my first job at Lytix about 8 months ago now, and looking back at these past few months, I can see how much I have grown. This is already very nice to experience. Not only to see the growth in work experience or knowledge of the different tools and programs, but also in communication, planning, way of working… I think these months were great to experience altogether, to see this learning curve and to become more confident in what I do. This is thanks to the opportunities I get on projects: the chance to implement new things or try out new methods. It is worth getting out of your comfort zone sometimes and not always sticking to just what you know. 

What are your specialties?

Recently I obtained the Microsoft certificate of Azure Data Engineer Associate. Working with the Azure cloud tools is something I am really interested in and very much like to spend time on. I still learn new things every day and simultaneously, these tools are improved with new features as well. Currently I work mostly with Azure Data Factory and all Azure services that go with it, like SQL server and Data Lake Storage. I think ADF is a really convenient ETL tool that can perform some cool and advanced activities. 

I am convinced that every company will make a shift from its on premise systems towards the cloud in the (near) future. It is a handy, secure and future-proof way of handling all your data in terms of storage, computation and costs. 

What was the nicest teambuilding activity that you ever did with Lytix?

I had the chance to experience already two teambuilding activities with Lytix/Cubis, one that took place offline and the most recent one was online. Both activities were a lot of fun and really well organized, still I prefered the offline one.  

During the online teambuilding, we did an escape game to escape from lockdown and solve riddles from all around the world. Afterwards, we could discuss our virtual journey during an afterwork e-peritif. For the offline teambuilding, we went to Durbuy on a big adventure which included a via ferrata, zipline, freefall and so much more… We concluded the day with drinks and a delicious BBQ, which was the ideal setting to get to know the colleagues better. 

What is an ideal day off for you?

An ideal day for me should start with having a generous brunch, preferably in the morning sun. Afterwards I would go on a long GR-walk together with some friends, in a beautiful piece of nature. At the end of our hike, we would arrive in a nice village and make a stop at an ice cream truck or cosy pub hidden around the corner. Finishing this ideal day with a warm bath to let the feet rest, a nice cup of tea and a feel good movie.  

Apparently, corona makes me enjoy the small things in life more. 😊