Get to know: Yoren Lievens

Our Lytix team has gained a few more experts in recent months. People who have a very positive impact on the
group but certainly also towards our customers!

Yoren Lievens is one of them. He has been working for Lytix for seven months now and seems to have found his place completely.

But who exactly is Yoren? Get to know him through a few questions! 👇🏻

What does an ideal project look like for you?

Although my consultancy experience is currently limited to one single project, I can sincerely say that a good atmosphere at the client’s site is of greatest importance. Internal people should treat externals as if they were an irreplaceable link in the chain. Consultants who feel at ease will be more eager to deliver faster and better results.

Secondly, it is key that the learning curve never flattens. Every step of a project should feel like a little step in the unknown. Status quo means decline, especially in our ever growing field of data analytics.

What’s on top of your bucket list? (Personal or/and professional)

As much as I love to learn about the fascinating, virtual data world every day, I’d also like to broaden my horizon in the real, physical world. A world trip is therefore on top of all possible lists in my head. Discovering all types of hidden natural beauties, visiting the most vibrant cities and experiencing the wide spectrum of taste, it sounds like the voice of Freddie Mercury in my ears (and that’s not an understatement).

What’s your ultimate tip to process a long and frustrating day in the office?

There is not a single pharmaceutical company in the world able to develop a medicine as strong as sports. Let it be a long solo run or a bike ride with friends, it is astonishing how much (brain) weight you can lose while letting your muscles do the hard work. Sometimes, it can be really difficult for me to let go issues not yet solved during the working day, but as soon as I’m in ‘the zone’, I realize those issues are not as life threatening as they sometimes seem to be.

What was your nicest experience at Lytix/Cubis?

Since I’m only a rookie, there are not that much experiences to choose from, but I’m mostly grateful to Lytix/Cubis for offering me such an extensive internal training before throwing me for the lions. The atmosphere among the starters was great and we also got the opportunity to meet a lot of enthusiastic colleagues. They taught us the main data analytic tools, told us some interesting stories about their life at the customer and were always up for a chitchat during breaks. It made the step to contacting them later on a lot smaller, which could otherwise have been more difficult as we’re all working at different clients.

If Data Analytics Consultants were suddenly replaced by A.I., what would you like to become?

This question makes me think back on the decision process I went through before graduating secondary school. Or in other words, on the almost non-existence of it…

Let me go back in time. During my youth, I invested loads of time in trying to pursue a career as a football player. Unfortunately, there is no path to the top without bumps in it. In my case, those bumps were injuries and that’s why I regularly had to visit a physiotherapist. After a while, the job started to fascinate me and I soon decided this was the life turn I had to take. School fairs became redundant because I was 100% sure… until I suddenly changed my mind completely. I was already graduated when business engineering started to intrigue me. Numbers and statistics have always caught my attention and the decisive element was the fact that the degree still offers many directions afterwards. I have no regrets but sometimes I’m wondering how different my life would have been if I sticked to my initial plan…

Yoren Lievens