Get to know Jonas Scheerders


Meet Jonas Scheerders, data analyst at Lytix since April 2022. Jonas worked as a very skilled cook in a prestigious restaurant prior to beginning his job in analytics. Then he had a change of heart. How did a high-level “chef de cuisine” end up as a data analyst? Jonas is excited to have you along for the ride!

What job did you do before this and what was the trigger to change?

I used to work as a chef in a classy restaurant before becoming a data analyst. a fantastic career that allowed me to combine my passion with my work. However, daily pressure and stress are also a part of working in a restaurant kitchen. I was rarely home and was increasingly compelled to take some time to relax and enjoy life. Working to live, rather than living for my work.

In addition to my passion for cooking, I was also quite interested in the IT industry. Thanks to my employer’s flexibility, I was able to combine my job as a cook with my Applied Computer Science studies. Eventually, the combination proved to be too difficult, and I made the painful decision to continue working as a chef full-time.

And then suddenly came corona. I’m sure everyone can remember that period vividly. And certainly how tough it was for the hospitality industry. But for me, now that I think about it, it also had a positive twist. I raked up the idea of working in the data and analytics sector again and during a Google search I bumped into a Syntra course to become a data analyst. It was an evening course so perfectly compatible with my work as a chef in the kitchen. A few months and an internship later, my adventure as a data analyst started.

Anyone looking to work in the data and analytics industry is aware that LinkedIn is also used extensively. I then made my profile as well. It didn’t take long until I heard from a number of businesses, including Lytix. I scheduled a meeting with the managing partners, Wim and David, and was pleasantly impressed by the welcoming environment at work. And so I began my career at Lytix.

Where, when and how did you discover your passion for data?

Actually, I’ve always been fascinated with data and numbers. Therefore, it is not a newly discovered talent. Corona, however, gave me the motivation I needed to pursue my dream and decide to follow my passion for analytics.


“I’ve always been fascinated with data and numbers. Therefore, it is not a newly discovered talent. Corona, however, gave me the motivation I needed to pursue my dream and decide to follow my passion for analytics.”

Are there things from ‘the kitchen’ that you have brought to this job?

Of course, I took a number of items from the kitchen with me. Starting with resilience to stress. I was so used to being stressed out all the time. For me, it was a way of life. Now that I know that, I seldom ever feel stressed. It may sound absurd, but I find working as a data analyst to be relaxing. Project deadlines are not a concern for me.

Additionally, I work well in a team, which is a virtue in the kitchen. A kitchen operates or fails depending on how well everyone communicates and gets along with one another. I also feel that same sense of community at Lytix. It’s a lot like a family, and I think that’s crucial.

How would you compare yourself now to how you were before you became a data analyst?

I’ve developed a lot more calmness. The stressy part of Jonas is a bit gone. I am also not as judgmental as I formerly was. That was crucial in the kitchen because each plate had to be flawlessly presented for each diner. Now that I appreciate my leisure time more, I am a happier person overall.

What do you like the most about working at Lytix?

The Lytix team is youthful and energetic. But at the same time, we create a family feeling. Everyone is invited and has a place here. Being able to be completely yourself at work is fantastic.

We work on a wide range of projects with Lytix. That is what makes it so interesting and enjoyable. Every time, you get fresh knowledge, yet are you still in a rut? Then, there is unquestionably a coworker who can assist you.

I am also grateful to Lytix for giving me the opportunity to start my new career.


“Working at Lytix entails becoming a part of a friendly team where you have the chance to make a difference regardless of your background.”

Which part of your job do you find most interesting right now?

I don’t know if it’s one obvious answer but for me the end result is the most interesting piece of the job. The search for a solution for the client is complete and you can go and tell the client where they stand and how we are going to help their business become more data-driven.

Can you share a personal success story where you have used data and analytics to help the business?

I’m not somebody who will easily brag about his work. But there is one story I want to mention. Several reports were presented in a client’s internal meeting, and I got a ton of great feedback on them. It gave me a lot of delight to be able to provide the customer with specific insights via my reports. That does a lot and gives newcomers to the field a significant motivational boost.

How do you keep your work-life balance under control?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is quite challenging for me. You must understand that there used to be no difference between weekdays and weekends. Thank goodness, it’s there now. But I also realize that I have a hard time relaxing in the evenings. I love to spend my evenings learning new things because I’m curious and ready to learn.

The best thing that has survived from my kitchen era is that I frequently visit friends’ kitchens on the weekends to work as a cook. It’s good to occasionally see that passion rekindle, and truth be told, for me, this is more like “a day playing in the kitchen” than work.

Your main focus is Power BI. We wonder: why should companies use Power BI?

Excel is a popular tool used by many businesses and their employees. Similar to how you have to brush your teeth in the morning, it is a tool that is deeply entrenched in people. There is nothing wrong with that, but Power BI can make it lot easier. It’s quite simple to gain insights into your company’s data by consolidating thousands of Excel spreadsheets into a single reporting tool. Furthermore, it takes little time and effort to implement Power BI. Additionally, it is intriguing for storytelling, which is undoubtedly significant!

Why should someone apply to Lytix?

That is not a challenging question. I immediately felt home at Lytix because of the young staff and the welcoming environment. You may be sure that you will get to know your coworkers better thanks to the numerous teambuilding and sporting events. Are you hooked on anything right now? Do you frequently come across new data-related concepts that you haven’t yet mastered? Your coworkers will then ensure that you pick it up rapidly. The level of helpfulness at Lytix is astounding!

In summary, working at Lytix entails becoming a part of a friendly team where you have the chance to make a difference regardless of your background.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

I’ve already mentioned how curious and eager to learn I am. I do, therefore, have ambitions! Since I’m still relatively new to the field, I place a high priority on refining and expanding my skill set. Within Lytix, there are still so many prospects for development, and I am looking forward to increase my expertise.

What tips would you give to (future) colleagues?

Ask for help. Many people don’t do it and try everything on their own, but I am living proof that by working in a team, you will always find the best solutions for your customers. Are there any further inquiries? Then, without holding back, question them. Only with your coworkers’ assistance will you advance.

Additionally, Lytix gives staff members the opportunity to plan enjoyable occasions outside of work hours. This comprises information sessions and monthly internal team meetings, but it also includes enjoyable activities like go-karting, team-buildings, summer cocktail parties, etc. For the most fun, try to participate as much as possible.

Come to the office is the final piece of advice I want to offer. Although many people have grown somewhat accustomed to working from home, the office is actually a lot of fun!

Looking back, do you think you made the right choice?

I still love the decision I made. You must be aware that I managed to leave a heavy backpack behind. I now again have weekends off, friends, and leisure time. Corona made me realize that change also offers happiness and joy, and I will always be grateful for it.

Do you want to be Jonas’ next colleague?

Are you interested in joining the team at Lytix and working alongside Jonas? We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team, and if you think you have the skills and experience to make a valuable contribution to our company, we would love to hear from you! By sending us your CV, you’ll be taking the first step towards becoming our next colleague and joining us on our exciting journey. We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about how you can help us achieve our goals. Go to our jobpage to learn more!