Welcome Hans Van den Troost

There’s a new colleague in town! Welcome to Hans Van den Troost!

Read more about Hans below!

Why did Hans choose for Lytix?

I came across Lytix the first time on data minds connect and talked for a small amount of time with some people of Lytix. Later I had some job interviews and the immediate feeling I got was that Lytix is a company that is open, honest and wants to create a nice atmosphere so working there can also be fun.

On top of that, Lytix has a strong knowledge base of the different domains of data analytics and is actively working with the latest technologies in the cloud.

What did Hans do before Lytix?

I graduated in 2003 and started working as a .net developer for several years. Since 2007 I started as a data analyst and used the full Microsoft BI Stack in several projects. Now years later, I can say I have a broad expertise in the creation of data warehousing projects from A to Z.

If Hans could switch places with somebody for one day, who would it be?

I would like to switch places with Roger Federer, especially on a finals day at Wimbledon

Hans Van den Troost