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There’s no denial that Power BI has been maintaining a steep growth since its release in 2015 in terms of capabilities. Consequently, the same positive trend also applies to its community and user base, shifting greater priority towards the art of Power BI governance. Nowadays, companies begin to feel the struggle they’re up against when simultaneously trying to encourage Power BI adoption and keeping a crystal-clear overview of their Power BI landscape. If you’re new to Power BI governance or interested in how to perform a Power BI rollout in a governed self-service way, make sure to check out our previous blog as well.

While Power BI is gaining momentum within your company, the number of workspaces, dashboards, reports and datasets often rise significantly. This makes it harder to maintain an overview, especially in a self-service context in which users are pertmitted to create and publish reports to collaborative workspaces theirselves. This is where Lytix’ Power BI Governator comes into play.

Power BI Governator to the rescue!

The Power BI Governator is a plug-and-play solution built in Power BI, which enables companies to easily govern both their Office 365 and Power BI landscapes upon prefabricated reports.

In se, a data model has been built combining three difference sources being the Microsoft Graph API, the Power BI API (which also is a part of the O365 API) and the Office 365 Audit Logs. All sources support scheduled data refreshes in the Power BI service portal.

Want more information?

Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive detailed documentation or request a demo of the full version of the Power BI Governator. There are several more valuable insights which can be showcased in no time!


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