Business intelligence

What two elements lie at the heart of any organisation? Making decisions and executing them. This might be an oversimplification of your organisation, but it highlights the importance of having the appropriate data to help you make and execute your decisions.

What does your organisation needs to make decisions? While many organisations rely on common sense and Excel, others have discovered the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI).

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What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is both an art and a science. Skilfully combining and transforming data from multiple sources into insights that your organisation can use. BI handles challenges including varying levels of data quality, unstructured data, data modelling, and large data volumes.

Your organisation needs Business Intelligence

How does your organisation generate reports? For a lot of organisations, this happens by merging, blending, and copy/pasting different Excel files and exports together. It’s a time intensive and error prone process.

Compare this to Business Intelligence (BI): a single unified data model represents your business processes. Our highly specialised BI developers create a standardised data process that can handle both large data volumes and complex logic. Your organisation can rely on this consistent and logical data when making decisions, resulting in better outcomes.

Implementing Business Intelligence

When it comes to implementing BI, you can go for a top-down approach, or a bottom-up one. Either way, your business requirements will be translated into a data model that supports your critical decision making.

To ensure the best results, the right data needs to be available for your data model. That’s why data is usually transformed then stored in a data warehouse, ready for use in your validated reports.

How Lytix can help me with Business Intelligence?

We have the knowledge, expertise, and background needed to implement BI across your organisation, automizing repetitive work and maintaining high quality standards. Our solutions include error logging, data quality reporting, auto-documentation, and more.

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